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"Roy Orbison, For The Lonely and Mystery Girl - 2 LP Setl" - Product Image
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"Roy Orbison, For The Lonely and Mystery Girl - 2 LP Setl"

Classic Analog Out Of Print LP Pressing w/ small cut out in cover ROY ORBISON - FOR THE ONLY - A ROY ORBISON ANTHOLOGY, 1956 - 1965 RHINO RECORDS ORIGINAL RELEASE DOUBLE LP SET PLUS ROY ORBISON'S LAST ORIGINAL LP RELEASE OF MYSTERY GIRL. BOTH TITLES DECADES OUT OF PRINT - BOTH ORIGINAL RELEASES WHEN VINYL WAS KING - each have a small cutout in jacket. ROY ORBISON - FOR THE LONELY: A ROY ORBINSON ANTHOLOGY, 1956 - 1965 - REALLY RARE RHINO RECORDS 24 TRACK DOUBLE RECORD PRESSED ALMOST 20 YEARS AGO & AUDIO REMASTERED BY ONE OF THE INDUSTRIES BEST BILL INGLOT (SMALL CUTOUT IN GATEFOLD JACKET) THIS COLLECTION IS SO RARE IT'S NOT EVEN AVAILABLE ON CD ANYMORE. Equally adept with rockabilly, plaintive ballads and drum-pounding rock, Roy Orbison stayed on the charts for thirty years from the very beginning of the rock era. His greatest legacy though, comes from his soaring, gut-wrenching musical melodramas. Other than Gene Pitney, only Roy Orbison was able to achieve this kind of incredible power and pathos flowing from his songs, examplified by "Only the Lonely", "In Dreams", "It's Over" and the incomparable "Crying". This early ALBUM release from Rhino brings together most of Orbison's biggest chart successes from his early years. With more than two dozen charted records to his credit, this can hardly be comprehensive but does offer a condensed cream-of-the-crop collection of hits plus some rare tracks. Orbison's vocals and the instrumental backrounds come through in startling clarity. The musical backround provided by way of the liner notes booklet follows the period of the recordings on the album. Of all the numerous Orbison Greatest-Hits anthologies available, this is the best and an excellent piece to build a more comprehensive Orbison collection. TRACKS ARE SIDE ONE - 1. OOBY DOOBY 2. GO!GO!GO! 3. ROCKHOUSE 4. DEVIL DOLL 5. UPTOWN 6. I'M HURTIN SIDE TWO - 7.ONLY THE LONELY 8. BLUE ANGEL 9. CRYING 10. CANDY MAN 11. THE CROWD 12. DREAM BABY SIDE THREE - 13. RUNNING SCARED 14. LEAH 15. WORKIN' FOR THE MAN 16. IN DREAMS 17. FALLING 18. MEAN WOMAN BLUES SIDE FOUR - 19. OH, PRETTY WOMAN 20. BLUE BAYOU 21. PRETTY PAPER 22. IT'S OVER 23. YOU'RE MY GIRL 24. GOODNIGHT MYSTERY GIRL - Tragedy of tragedies: Sun Records legend Roy Orbison passed away only a few YEARS AGO after issuing this sunny comeback in 1989. Rescued from the oldies also-ran circuit by his membership in the Traveling Wilburys--alongside fellow legends Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, George Harrison, and ELO's Jeff Lynne--the Wayfaring One implemented these stellar pals and others on Mystery Girl and even allowed his son to compose some lyrics for him. Wonder of wonders: his angelic tenor rang true on every track and set the stage for what might've been a huge pop-culture renaissance. No need to fret about the "if only"s. One spin through the radio-chummy "You Got It," and the "Pretty Woman" legacy is crystal clear. We're lucky he was able to record it. 1. You Got It 2. In the Real World 3. (All I Can Do Is) Dream You 4. Love So Beautiful 5. California Blue 6. She's a Mystery to Me 7. Comedians 8. Only One 9. Windsurfer 10. Careless Heart
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