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"Sergio Mendes & Brasil '65, Brasil '65 Is Here (featuring Wanda De Sah) - Not Sealed" - Product Image
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"Sergio Mendes & Brasil '65, Brasil '65 Is Here (featuring Wanda De Sah) - Not Sealed"

Classic Analog LP Pressing. BRASIL '65 has universal appeal; these young artists have been acclaimed by concert crowds in Rome and Tokyo, and have captured the praise of discerning audiences at Shelly's Manne Hole in Hollywood where Capitol executive producer David Cavanaugh first herd them and arranged for these exciting studio recording sessions. In Brazil, their music has created a concert demand matched only in the U.S. by several of the very top artists. In a very subtle way, it's a jazz sound, and in a very definite way, it's a bright, happy, youthful sound contemporary sound that employs the new melodies and samba-like rhythms of Brazil's finest young composers. It is reminiscent of some of the best bossa nova music heard in the U.S. Sergio Mendes is the pianist and leader of the Trio. He is well-known in Brazil, not only as one of the foremost jazz pianists, but as a talented composer and arranger. He comes from Rio. His sidemen are bassist Sebastiao Neo, formerly a player with Jose Gilberto's famed group, and a drummer who goes by the name of Chico Batero, or, in Brazilian, "drums". Wanda de Sah is the young singer and is literally the girl from Ipanema, a few miles from the famous Copacabana Beach in Rio. Originally, a guitar teacher, Wanda began her singing to her own accompaniments just to entertain friends. Today her admiring friends are numbered in the millions. Rosinha de Valenca like her friend, Wanda, is just out of her teens. And, yet, she is possibly the finest woman guitarist in all the world, and certainly one of the most popular musicians in Brazil. Her virtuosity becomes all the more spellbinding when one considers that she is completely self-taught. Tracks include: So Nice - Favela - Berimbau - Tristeza Em Mim - Aquarius - One Note Samba - She's a Carioca - Muto A Vontage - Let Me - Comsolacao - Reza
SKU Number: DOLP 2294
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