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"Stevie Wonder, 3 LP Set of Talking Book, Innervisions & Music Of My Mind" - Product Image
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"Stevie Wonder, 3 LP Set of Talking Book, Innervisions & Music Of My Mind"

Stevie Wonder -Talking Book - INNERVISIONS & MUSIC OF MY MIND ALL FACTORY SEALED LIMITED EDITION COLORED VINYL SET - BULLETIN: Mymusicfix has started a new program where we are selling groups of vinyl LP'S at wholesale cost. These are all limited to these exclusive listings and are one and done listings. Don't miss out INNERVISIONS - The political undercurrents long simmering in Stevie Wonders work reached their boiling point on the masterful Innervisions, a record as potent and insightful in its exploration of contemporary life as Marvin Gaye is What is Going On two years earlier. The opening Too High, an acute condemnation of drug use, quickly establishes the record is forceful yet vibrant tone, which alternates between utopian dreamscapes Visions and tough minded realism Jesus Children of America; the record is dueling concerns converge on the hit Living for the City, which is both a brilliant examination of the myriad of social ills so endemic to the ghetto experience and a stirring celebration of African-American resilience. And on Higher Ground, Wonder even points a finger at himself to detail a sinner is second a chance at life, a song which took on even greater resonance in the wake of the car crash which nearly killed him just months after the release. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track Listings 1. Too High 2. Visions 3. Living for the City 4. Golden Lady 5. Higher Ground 6. Jesus Children of America 7. All in Love is Fair 8. Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing 9. He's Misstra Know-It-All MUSIC OF MY MIND - Stevie Wonder's MUSIC OF MY MIND was his first LP released under his revised contract with Motown, which enabled him a greater artistic freedom that produced some of the most widely acclaimed, innovative and inspired moments of the 1970s. This album shows Wonder employing new technology to shape the music, creating the equivalent of a synth orchestra via overdubbing on many tracks (most notably the second part of the album's highlight "Superwoman"), whilst also beginning to utilize the talk-box on "Love Having You Around" and the Clavinet on tracks such as "Happier Than The Morning Sun" and "Keep On Running". With the exception of a excellent guitar contribution on "Superwoman" and a trombone solo on "Love Having You Around", Wonder provides his own band using overdubs, the results are groundbreaking. TALKING BOOK - I think "Innversisons" is Stevie Wonder's best album in terms of providing a overall statement, but "Talking Book" is the better collection of songs. "Superstition" is my all time favorite Stevie Wonder song, a hard funk masterpiece that justifies the invention of the clavinet. That was the song that made all of America either reexamine the artist formerly known as Little Stevie Wonder or got them to take notice of him in the first place because from that point on there was no doubt the man was a major artist. As a general rule I am less enamored of his ballads, but "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life" is certainly his most palatable, but "Blame It On The Sun" strikes me as being a bit better, maybe just because it never received as much airplay or was covered as much as the original. I tend to like "Maybe Your Baby" and especially "Big Brother" as the non-hits that are always what makes a great album truly great. Attention must also be paid to the lovely multi-part harmonies on "I Believe" and the guitar work of Jeff Beck on "Looking For Another Pure Love." The motion on the floor remains the same: at a bare minimum you have to have "Talking Book," "Innervisons," and a good hits collection (e.g., "The Definitive Collection") in your music library. So when the arbiters of good taste come knocking on your door to check out what you have, do not say you were not warned. --
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