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"Stevie Wonder, Innervisions" - Product Image
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"Stevie Wonder, Innervisions"

180 Gram Limited Edition Analog Virgin Vinyl. INNERVISIONS Rated the 31st best album in history., One of Stevie Wonder's best albums, and the one where his more fanciful, free-form moments gel perfectly with his knack for irresistible pop singles, 1973's Innervisions swings between delicate and airy ballads, Latin-influenced rhythms (the hit "Don't Worry 'Bout a Thing"), and his own synth-heavy versions of gut-bucket soul (the determined spiritual questing of "Higher Ground"). The striking juxtaposition between "Vision," a barely breathed hope that a world of peace might be upon us, and the great "Living for the City," a funky, pulsing tale of racism, is powerful, haunting, and still all too relevant. Track Listings 1. Too High 2. Visions 3. Living for the City 4. Golden Lady 5. Higher Ground 6. Jesus Children of America 7. All in Love Is Fair 8. Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing 9. He's Misstra Know It All
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