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"Supertramp, Famous Last Words - Original Release" - Product Image
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"Supertramp, Famous Last Words - Original Release"

SUPERTRAMP FAMOUS RARE LAST WORDS ORIGINAL A&M LABEL ISSUE A&MSP 3284 Sealed LP Classic Analog Out Of Print ORIGINAL RELEASE w/ small cut out in cover SUPERTRAMP - FAMOUS LAST WORDS (ORIGINAL RELEASE Long out of print FOR DECADES) - FAMOUS LAST WORDS classic analog ORIGINAL RELEASE pressing with small cutout in cover) LAST WORDS - Famous Last Words" was just that for Roger Hodgson, co-songwriter, whose departure is synonymous with the album. But not letting disputes or history ruin the music, Supertramp offers yet another superb album, still keeping their catchy mock-pop flavor, but trading in their stark cynicism for a well balanced and finely produced element of R&B, with that classic arrogant touch. Though FAMOUS LAST WORDS was one of the last in a string of successful albums for Supertramp, it nonetheless shows a wonderful progression from their tight musical style of the 70's to an even more harmonic, traditional--yet inventive--fashion. The tracks here may be the most quintessential Supertramp tracks of the 80's, setting the stage for those contained on 1985's Brother Where You Bound? (which Hodgson was not a part of). Crazy has a catchy yet uniquely creative beat and tune (like all tracks on FAMOUS LAST WORDS) My Kind of Lady is a simple love song that compliments Bonnie, which could have easily been a staple of soft rock radio, while the vocally organized Put On Your Old Brown Shoes and C'est Le Bon are probably Supertramp's most obviously R&B-influenced songs to date; the excellent Know Who You Ar' holds a mood of near-melancholia; It's Raining Again is one of their most curious songs (since'Give a Little Bit from"Even in the Quietest Moment"), this one being a highly upbeat, traditionally quirky ditty for the brokenhearted, complete with a chorus of kids singing It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring..." Then again, Waiting So Long boasts heavier guitar riffs and haunting vocal sounds, an exemplary Supertramp performance, as Don't Leave Me Now is one of the more musically imaginative ballads of the 80s.
SKU Number: DOLP AM3732
Price: $24.99