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"Sweetwater, Sweetwater" - Product Image
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"Sweetwater, Sweetwater"

SWEETWATER - SWEETWATER 180 Gram Limited Edition classic LP high-definition Heavy Virgin Vinyl pressing for superior fidelity. There are great songs about everything from rebellion to romatic walk. One of my personal favorites is My Crystal Spider. The lyrics are so detailed and descriptive that you can imagine the mystical creature. Then the spider is brought to life with August Burns' cello solo. I personally had never before heard a cello solo before. This is really fun CD to listen to at any time of the day at any day of the year. The music is so awesome that its just a euphoric magical ride through each song. Their 1968 debut introduced Sweetwates unusual blend of jazz, folk, rock, blues and classical influences, with an atypical, guitar-free line-up of keyboards, bass, cello, flute and percussion backing Nancy Nevins soaring vocals. The bands signature adaptation of 'Motherless Child' leads off, followed by 'Here We Go Again; For Petes Sake; Come Take a Walk; Whats Wrong; In a Rainbow; My Crystal Spider; Rondeau; Two Worlds; Through an Old Storybook', and 'Why Oh Why'. A West Coast psychedelic essential, produced by the legendary Dave Hassinger! Interesting that at Woodstock, Sweetwater was shortly preceeded by Richie Havens, the first performer to perform, who did his famous version of Motherless Child. I will never forget Nancy Nevins in her long gown, at the biginning of Sweetwater's set, starting the song from the back of the huge stage and slowly walking forward to the front. It was hot, there were SO many very cool people, we were not paying all that much attention to the music yet. The beginning of that song quieted and focused the crowd and things went from there...Not many people had heard of Sweetwater in mid August '69. For that matter, in a flyer that was distributed at the event, Santana was introduced "as this new great new act from San Francisco." Ah, those were the days... Shortly after Woodstock, Nevins sustained severe injury in a car wreck; the band disappeared.
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