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"The Butterfield Blues Band, Keep On Moving" - Product Image
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"The Butterfield Blues Band, Keep On Moving"

One of the last truly fine outings by the band that started the avalanche of electric blues outfits is now available as a high-definition, exact-replica LP. The Butterfield Blues Band had reloaded by the time 1969's Keep On Moving was released on Elektra Records - Paul Butterfield startled the world with the addition of guitarist Buzzy Feiten, a man whose take-no-prisoners style turned out to be a muscular combination of the sound of his two predecessors, Mike Bloomfield and Elvin Bishop. Led by Butterfield wailing on lead vocals and his patented Southside of Chicago harmonica licks, the band sounded as powerful as ever with a new horn section that included David Sanborn on alto sax, Gene Dinwiddie on tenor and Keith Johnson on trumpet. It wouldn't last forever, but Paul Butterfield proved with Keep On Moving that he had plenty of Hi-Octane gas left in the tank. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track Listings 1. Love March 2. No Amount of Loving 3. Morning Sunrise 4. Losing Hand 5. Walking by Myself 6. Except You 7. Love Disease 8. Where Did My Baby Go 9. All in a Day 10. So Far, So Good 11. Buddy's Advice 12. Keep on Moving
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