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"The Clash, Combat Rock - 180 Gram" - Product Image
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"The Clash, Combat Rock - 180 Gram"

THE CLASH - COMBAT ROCK - LIMITED EDITION 180 GRAM HEAVY VINYL PRESSING. Combat Rock was the Clash's biggest album. The amount of discs it sold made them one of the most popular bands of the early 80's. It also was the beginning of their downfall. Egos got into the way of conquering the music world. According to Joe Strummer, Mick Jones was becoming difficult to work with. He wanted people to go through his lawyer. Strummer and Simonon (the band's bassist) felt that Jones had strayed away from the band's ideals. The music on combat rock is a mixture of pop, punk, dance and synth-pop. Strummer tried to keep the music political and revelant whilst Jones wanted to add more beat and hip-hop. Allen Ginsburg (beat poet) appears on Ghetto Deffendant. The tracks range from a Nuclear Holocaust to a song about Errol Flynn's son. Their most pop friendly album to date (even more so than London Calling). Track Listings 1. Know Your Rights 2. Car Jamming 3. Should I Stay or Should I Go 4. Rock the Casbah 5. Red Angel Dragnet 6. Straight to Hell 7. Overpowered by Funk 8. Atom Tan 9. Sean Flynn 10. Ghetto Defendant 11. Inoculated City 12. Death Is a Star
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