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"The Clash, Pearl Harbour 1979 - OBI - LP Replica In A CD" - Product Image
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"The Clash, Pearl Harbour 1979 - OBI - LP Replica In A CD"

Artist: Clash (The) Release Date: Nov 22, 2004 Format: CD Record Label: Sony/Columbia UPC: 4562109409468 Genre: Rock Duration: Album or EP Sub-Genre: -- Special Attributes: Import, Remastered, Special Edition Track listing 1. Clash City Rockers 2. I'm So Bored With the U.S.A. 3. Remote Control 4. Complete Control 5. White Riot 6. White Man in Hammersmith Palais 7. Londons Burning 8. I Fought the Law 9. Janie Jones 10. Career Opportunities 11. What's My Name 12. Hate and War 13. Police and Thieves 14. Jail Guitar Doors 15. Garageland 16. Gates of the West 17. Groovy Times Distributor: Phantom Import Distributi Recording type: Studio Recording mode: Stereo Issued originally in Japan in 1979, this curiously named compilation is a double-disc that features 15 cuts on disc one that doubled as the Japanese version of the band's American debut. With "Career Opportunities," "Janie Jones," "White Riot," "London's Burning," "Complete Control," "Jail Guitar Doors," and "Police & Thieves" among them, who can argue? The second disc in this set features just two tracks, the "Gates of the West," and "Groovy Times" singles. It's curious why they didn't just fill the thing up, but whatever -- Clash-heads already have everything here. ~ Thom Jurek Special limited edition in an LP sleeve replica with the original red and yellow Japanese artwork of their debut LP, with the title "Pearl Harbor '79" across the top and whose tracklist most resembles the U.S. edition. Also includes a bonus CD featuring the tracks from the 7 inch vinyl single which was included in the first LP edition that had 'Gates Of The West', & 'Groovy Times'.
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