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"The Clash, Sandinista - OBI Mini Replica LP In a CD - Japanese" - Product Image
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"The Clash, Sandinista - OBI Mini Replica LP In a CD - Japanese"

Artist: Clash (The) Release Date: Nov 22, 2004 Format: CD Record Label: Sony/Columbia UPC: 4562109409482 Genre: Rock Duration: Album or EP Sub-Genre: -- Special Attributes: Import, Remastered, Special Edition Track listing 1. Magnificent Seven 2. Hitsville U.K. 3. Junco Partner 4. Ivan Meets G.I. Joe 5. Leader, The 6. Something About England 7. Rebel Waltz 8. Look Here 9. Crooked Beat 10. Somebody Got Murdered 11. One More Time 12. One More Dub 13. Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice) 14. Up in Heaven (Not Only Here) 15. Corner Soul 16. Lets Go Crazy 17. If Music Could Talk 18. Sound of the Sinners 19. Police on My Back 20. Midnight Log 21. Equaliser 22. Call Up 23. Washington Bullets 24. Broadway 25. Lose This Skin 26. Charlie Don't Surf 27. Mensforth Hill 28. Junkie Slip 29. Kingston Advice 30. Steet Parade 31. Version City 32. Living in Fame 33. Silicone on Sapphire 34. Version Pardner 35. Career Opportunities 36. Shepherds Delight Contributing artists: Ellen Foley, Ivan Julian, Ivan Julien, Mick Gallagher, Mickey Gallagher, Timon Dogg, Tymon Dogg Distributor: Phantom Import Distributi Recording type: Studio Recording mode: Stereo 3 LPs on 2 CDs. The Clash: Joe Strummer, Mick Jones (vocals, guitar); Paul Simonon (vocals, bass); Topper Headon (drums). Additional personnel: Mickey Gallagher, Timon Dogg, Norman Watt-Roy, J.P. Nicholson, Ellen Foley, David Payne, Ray Gasconne, Band Sargeant Dave Yates, Den Hegarty, Gary & Bill Barnacle, Luke & Ben & Maria Gallagher, Jody Winscott, Ivan Julian, Noel Tempo Bailey, Anthony Nelson Steelie, Lew Lewis, Gerald Baxter-Warman, Terry McQuade, Rudolph Adolphus Jordan, Battersea. Digitally remastered by Ray Staff & Bob Whitney (Whitfield Street Studios). SANDINISTA! was the Clash's affirmation of their support for the Nicaraguan revolution, the movement that overthrew President Somoza and aroused the ire of U.S. President Reagan. The music was a more conscious exploration of reggae and dub music than the Clash had ever attempted. The group fought their record company to keep the 3-LP set affordable to their fans, accepting lower royalty rates so the price would be as low as a single LP. Editorial reviews Ranked #2 in CMJ's Top 20 Most-Played Albums of 1981. CMJ (20040105) [T]ackling dub, gospel and surf rock with the same fervor with which the Clash had already mastered punk, reggae and rockabilly. Magnet 4 out of 5 - ...This is the Clash set that will still likely enchant into tomorrow for its foolhardy attempts at awe-inspiring successes....a manageable listen... Alternative Press (20000301) Included in AP's 10 Essential Political-Revolution Albums Alternative Press (20001101) 4 stars out of 5 - ...an exceptionally high strike-rate....there was real quality... Q (19991201)
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