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"The Clash, The Clash - OBI - LP Replica In A CD" - Product Image
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"The Clash, The Clash - OBI - LP Replica In A CD"

Artist: Clash (The) Release Date: Nov 22, 2004 Format: CD Record Label: Sony/Columbia UPC: 4562109409444 Genre: Rock Duration: Album or EP Sub-Genre: -- Special Attributes: Import, Remastered, Special Edition Track listing 1. Janie Jones 2. Remote Control 3. I'm So Bored With the U.S.A. 4. White Riot 5. Hate & War 6. What's My Name 7. Deny 8. London's Burning 9. Career Opportunities 10. Cheat 11. Protex Blue 12. Police & Thieves 13. 48 Hours 14. Garageland Distributor: Phantom Import Distributi Recording type: Studio Recording mode: Stereo Also available in a 3-pack with LONDON CALLING and COMBAT ROCK. The Clash: Joe Strummer, Mick Jones (vocals, guitar); Paul Simonon (bass); Tory Crimes, Nicky Headon (drums). Producers: Mickey Foote, Lee Perry, The Clash, Bill Price. Digitally remastered by Ray Staff & Bob Whitney (Whitfield Street Studios, London, England). The Clash: Joe Strummer, Mick Jones (vocals, guitar); Paul Simonon (bass); Tory Crimes (drums). Digitally remastered by Ray Staff & Bob Whitney (Whitfield Street Studios, London, England). This album introduced the world to The Clash, the only group that was on even footing with The Sex Pistols in U.K. punk rock's early days. The Clash avoided the Pistols' sensationalism, singing instead songs about politics, racism, and class warfare. The music's brutal assault, accompanied by Strummer's charismatic vocal style, earned the group attention in its native England, where THE CLASH entered the charts at number 12. This album collects many tracks from the original British release of THE CLASH along with the single "I Fought The Law", and "Complete Control", a song they recorded with legendary Jamaican producer Lee "Scratch" Perry. Special Japanese limited edition in an LP sleeve replica with the original artwork. Editorial reviews Ranked #13 in NME's list of the 'Greatest Albums Of All Time.' NME Ranked #3 in NME's list of The Greatest Albums Of The '70s - ...The speed-freaked brain of punk set to the tinniest, most frantic guitars ever trapped on vinyl. Lives were changed beyond recognition by it... NME Ranked #2 in Mojo's Top 50 Punk Albums - ...The ultimate punk protest album....Searingly evocative of dreary late '70s Britain, but still timelessly inspiring... Mojo 5 out of 5 - ...the eternal punk album....the blueprint for the pantomime of 'punkier' rock acts....for all of its forced politics and angst, THE CLASH continues to sound crucial... Alternative Press (20000301) Indispensable - ...Unsurpassed for its concentrated anger and rebel bravado... Q (20021001) 5 stars out of 5 - ...[They] would never sound so punk as they did on 1977's self-titled debut....Lyrically intricate...it still howled with anger... Q (19991201) 5 stars out of 5 - Included in Q's 100 Best Punk Albums. Q Ranked #48 in Q's 100 Greatest British Albums Q (20000601) Ranked #3 in Spin's 50 Most Essential Punk Records - ...Punk as alienated rage, as anticorporate blather, as joyous racial confusion, as evangelic outreach and white knuckles and haywire impulses... Spin (20010501) Ranked #77 in Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time - ...Youthful ambition bursts through the Clash's debut, a machine-gun blast of songs about unemployment, race, and the Clash themselves... Rolling Stone (20031211) 5 stars out of 5 - ...both a party and protest...The tunes still detonate as the group still insists justice must prevail... Rolling Stone (20020620)
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