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"The Isley Brothers, Go For Your Guns - 180 Gram" - Product Image
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"The Isley Brothers, Go For Your Guns - 180 Gram"

180 Gram Limited Edition Analog Virgin Vinyl. This album is a great example of the great music made in the 70's that never made it to the radio. The Isley Brothers have always been makers of great music. They have always been colorblind in making their music, it wasn't disco, it wasn't even funk in the way that many people think of the genre. This album like the rest of the work they did in the late seventies was rocked up funk, suitable for clubs, parties and dances. This history-making family, even with all the success it's had, the critical acclaim, and the adoration of its loyal fans, is still probably the most under-rated act of the "rock era." How influential were songs like "Shout," "Twist And Shout," "This Old Heart Of Mine," and "It's Your Thing"? And that was before phase II of the Isleys story began. Now add to the list "That Lady," "Fight The Power," and "For The Love Of You." This was a living legend of a group at the time "Go For Your Guns" was released in 1977. This album featured a #1 R&B hit ("The Pride"), two indespensible concert items ("Footsteps In The Dark" and "Voyage To Atlantis"), and a rockin', raucous two-part single. "Livin' In The Life". It made #4 R&B. The b-side, "Go For Your Guns," is an instrumental of "Livin' In The Life," with lead guitarist Ernie Isley given free rein. Two tracks remain: "Tell Me When You Need It Again" features the group in a stripped-down funk groove. "Climbing Up The Ladder" is a pretty clear manifesto for the group at that time. The Brothers were undeniably popular, selling millions of albums each time out. But the ladder of respect is a fickle one. For as much as The Isleys have done for rock and roll (and plain rock) music, you never hear them played on so-called "Classic Rock" stations. Not even on acid-hot rock performances like "Climbing Up The Ladder" or "Hope You Feel Better Love." Or on across-the-board hits like "That Lady" and "Fight The Power."
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