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"The Move, Set of 3 OBI CDs - Looking On, Shazam & ST - Mini OBi LP Replica In A CD - Japanese pressed" - Product Image
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"The Move, Set of 3 OBI CDs - Looking On, Shazam & ST - Mini OBi LP Replica In A CD - Japanese pressed"

THE MOVE - LOOKING ON - SHAZAM & THE MOVE SELF TITLED - K2 20 BIT MASTERING - SET OF 3 JAPAN OBI CD SET - This is a Japanese re-mastered Mini OBI LP replica Limited Edition Collection - only 2,000 Collector pieces made world-wide and are immediately Out of Print. A LOT OF BONUS TRACKS - OVER 60 TRACKS TOTAL IN THE 3 CD SET TREMENDOUSLY RARE OUT OF PRINT MASTERPIECE AND OUR LAST COPY FOREVER. MANY OF THESE PRESSINGS ARE SELLING FOR $200 AT THE ONLY OTHER SITE THAT HAS ANY OF THESE TITLES LEFT IN SEALED CONDITION. THE MOVE - Japanese reissue of their debut album, originally released in 1968. Remastered using 20 bit K2 Mastering technology. Packaged in a miniature LP sleeve. 1. Yellow Rainbow 2. Kilroy Was Here 3. (Here We Go Round) The Lemon Tree 4. Weekend 5. Walk Upon the Water 6. Flowers in the Rain 7. Hey Grandma 8. Useless Information 9. Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart 10. The Girl Outside 11. Fire Brigade 12. Mist on a Monday Morning 13. Cherry Blossom Clinic 14. Night of Fear [*] 15. The Disturbance [*] 16. I Can Hear the Grass Grow [*] 17. Wave Your Flag and Stop the Train [*] 18. Vote for Me [#][*] 19. The Disturbance [Alternate Take][#][*][Version] 20. Fire Brigade [Alternate Take][#][*][Version] 21. Second Class (She's Too Good for You) [#][*] 22. Cherry Blossom Clinic [#][*] 23. (Here We Go Round) The Lemon Tree [*] 24. Weekend [*] 25. Flowers in the Rain [*] 26. Useless Information [*] 27. Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart [*] 28. The Girl Outside [*] 29. Walk Upon the Water [*] SHAZAM - Personally, I think Shazam is in competition to be the best British rock album released in the sixties. I'm sure some of you will be offended by that statement, but listen to those six songs in one sitting and tell me you're not impressed. Great music, great vocals, great songs, and a primo psychedelic experience. We start off with a hard rocker, Hello Suzie, and fade into a classic Move ballad, Beautiful Daughter. As the haunting notes of Beautiful Daughter fade away, we hear the footsteps taking us to the neoclassical, brain-spinning Cherry Blossom Clinic. No time to rest after it's orgastic climax, it's onto the Eastern sounds of Fields of People. Then it's back to their early rock roots with the angst-driven Don't Make My Baby Blue. The sequence is topped off with the best version of Tom Paxton's The Last Thing on My Mind ever recorded. Once you've heard it, I defy your mind to think of anything else for the next week. If you're already a Move fan you know what I say is true. If you've stumbled here by accident, have I'll envy you when you hear this audio masterpiece for the first time. Track Listings - CONTAINS A LOT OF BONUS TRACKS NOT LISTED HERE 1. Hello Susie 2. Beautiful Daughter 3. Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited 4. Fields Of People 5. Don'T Take My Baby Blue 6. Last Thing On My Mind LOOKING ON - In the wake of The Move's SHAZAM album, singer Carl Wayne departed & leader Roy Wood recorded a solo album, BOULDERS (which saw release in 1973). When he returned, he invited friend Jeff Lynne (who'd replaced him in The Nightriders / The Idle Race) to join, and the 2 hatched the idea of creating a new band to replace The Move, which would include classical instruments and experimental ideas: The Electric Light Orchestra. LOOKING ON was the first result, though their record company (at least temporarily) nixed the idea of a name-change, purely for "commercial" reasons". This is one WILD album. As much of a major shift as SHAZAM was from earlier Move records, LOOKING ON is an even bigger departure. Both Wood & Lynne, whose earlier sound & styles were quite similar, come across doing & sounding almost completely unlike anything either of them had done before! Loud, heavy, ponderous, explosive, and downright bizarre are a few words that come to mind. This album is NOT an easy "first listen"! There's the ominous "Looking On", the growling-yet-bouncy "Turkish Tram Conductor Blues", the ethereal "What?" and the noisy "When Alice Comes Back To The Farm", with its almost honky-tonk piano. Things get extremely strange on Jeff Lynne's "Open Up Said The World To The Door"-- you have to HEAR this one, you still won't believe it! The one almost "normal" track is "Brontosaurus", a single recorded earlier, and I believe the only song here that includes departed bassist Rick Price. "Feel Too Good" makes for a relentless, hard-driving 9-minute finale. (But watch out for the "surprise" epilogue!) I've long considered this a "flawed experiment"; when they returned for their next outing, MESSAGE FROM THE COUNTRY, everything they were working toward seemed to fall in place! Track Listings - THIS IS THE LP TRACK LISTING BUT THE CD CONTAINS 10 ADDITIONAL BONUS TRACKS NOT LISTED 1. Looking On 2. Turkish Tram Conductor Blues 3. What? 4. When Alice Comes Back to the Farm 5. Open Up Said the World at the Door 6. Brontosaurus 7. Feel Too Good
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