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The Ramones, End Of The Century - Colored Vinyl" - Product Image
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The Ramones, End Of The Century - Colored Vinyl"

END OF THE CENTURY - This is my generation's Exile on Main St., totally misunderstood by idiot critics (and seemingly, the Ramones themselves. Only Joey seemed to dig it) Here, the Ramones stake their claim to the whole of American Rock 'n Roll, not just parochial NYC punk, and Phil Spector (who legitimately loved this band) justifies his own sorry existence by giving them the gift of the biggest wall of sound he ever came up with. After this album, Johnny stole Joey's girlfriend and the magic was gone, they started claiming individual song credits, they brought in ringers to play guitar solos on the albums, DeeDee started shooting up again, Joey started boozing and not caring, and the band went down the toilet. But this record just sounds better and better with each passing year. (Except "Chinese Rocks" -- interesting to hear the boys jump from household solvents to hard drugs, but Johnny Thunders friggin' OWNS this song; Joey just ain't a convincing junkie. Still, the tune's darkness adds to E of the C's stylistic diversity). Did I say my generation's Exile on Main St? It's also my generations White Album and London Calling. Track Listings 1. Do You Remember Rock 'N' Roll Radio? 2. I'm Affected 3. Danny Says 4. Chinese Rock 5. Return of Jackie and Judy 6. Let's Go 7. Baby, I Love You 8. I Can't Make It on Time 9. This Ain't Havana 10. Rock 'N' Roll High School 11. All the Way 12. High Risk Insurance
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