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"The Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack" - Product Image
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"The Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack"

The ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW SOUNDTRACK LP FACTORY SEALED LP - Don't have the time (or the props) to watch the whole movie? Just put on the soundtrack--it's got all the best parts without the dialog in-between! Well, isn't that what an Original Soundtrack Recording like this is supposed to be? Back in the mid-70s when The Rocky Horror Picture Show was a midnight staple at countless movie theaters, Tim Curry wasn't yet "Tim Curry" and Susan Sarandon wasn't yet "Susan Sarandon" (hell, Barry Bostwick wasn't even "Barry Bostwick"!). Listening to these science-fiction double-feature showtunes will take you back through a time warp to the days when the now-Academy-Award-winning actress was perfectly willing to stand around for most of a picture in her bra and panties--and so would her boyfriend! In those days, they were just Brad and Janet, forced to spend a dark and stormy (also sexy) night in the haunted house of mad scientist Frank N. Furter--just a sweet transvestite from transsexual Transylvania-ha-ha who really knew how to belt out a song. Those were the days.
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Price: $22.99