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"The Ventures, In Space - Mini LP Replica In A CD" - Product Image
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"The Ventures, In Space - Mini LP Replica In A CD"

The Ventures were launched in 1960 after two construction workers, Bob Bogle and Don Wilson, discovered a common interest in the guitar while working together on a building site in . Seattle. Don Wilson's mother had to set up a record label before their first single Walk Don't Run could find a sympathetic backer, but this unconventional launching pad didn't stop the single making it to number one in Australia. THE VENTURES IN SPACE - Track Listings 1. Out of Limits 2. He Never Came Back 3. Moon Child 4. One Step Beyond 5. Exploration in Terror/War of the Satellites 6. Bat 7. Penetration 8. Love Goddess of Venus 9. Solar Race 10. Fourth Dimension 11. Twilight Zone
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