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"The Who, Live At Leeds - 200 Gram" - Product Image
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"The Who, Live At Leeds - 200 Gram"

THE WHO - LIVE AT LEEDS This Limited Edition Audiophile 200 GRAM CLASSIC RECORDS HEAVY VINYL PRESSING. LONG OUT OF PRINT AND STILL IN IT'S ORIGINAL FACTORY SEAL. This Vinyl LP pressing has been critically acclaimed as the finest and quietest ever produced. It is a new listening experience that will virtually make you feel as if you were at Leeds with the artist. This recording establishes the Band's live prowess as one of the tightest Bands ever. The best live rock album ever made" just about sums up the universal opinion of the first official live recording released by The Who. After repeated failed attempts on their 69-70 UK Tommy tour, the hall on the campus of Leeds University was intentionally scheduled for the main purpose of recording a live album. The results, although only six selections from a much longer performance, were a triumph. Riding the crest of the Tommy album and their monumental appearance at the Woodstock Festival, the original quartet of Townshend, Daltrey, Entwhistle and Moon channeled Mose Allison, Eddie Cochran and Chad Allen with cover versions of Young Man Blues, Summertime Blues and Shakin' All Over respectively, while delivering expanded and stripped down versions that turned their own Substitute, Magic Bus and My Generation inside-out. A perfect mix, flaunting warts and all; amp noise, feedback and distortion...Who cares! This album ROCKS! All original artwork and packaging including all the "bits" are part of this Classic Records authentic reissue of the original Track UK release. Cut from the original two track master tapes (amp lead pops and all) at Bernie Grundman Mastering by Chris Bellman on Classic's "All Tube" cutting system, this 200 GRAM Super Vinyl Profile pressing brings new insight into the genius in the nuance that has previously been obscured - even on original track pressings used for comparison in mastering. Recommendation not need - just buy it! "The best live rock album ever made." - The New York Times, 1970. Selections: 1. Young Man Blues 2. Substitute 3. Summertime Blues 4. Shakin' All Over 5. My Generation 6. Magic Bus
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