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"The Who, Quadrophenia 2 CD Box Set - MFSL Near Mint God CDs" - Product Image
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"The Who, Quadrophenia 2 CD Box Set - MFSL Near Mint God CDs"

Quadrophenia [Gold Disc CD] - Near Mint Track listing DISC 1: 1. I Am The Sea 2. Real Me, The 3. Quadrophenia 4. Cut My Hair 5. Punk Meets The Godfather, The 6. I'm One 7. Dirty Jobs 8. Helpless Dancer 9. Is It In My Head? 10. I've Had Enough DISC 2: 1. 5:15 2. Sea And Sand 3. Drowned 4. Bell Boy 5. Doctor Jimmy 6. Rock, The 7. Love, Reign O'er Me Details Playing time: 82 min. Contributing artists: Chris Stainton Producer: The Who Distributor: n/a Recording type: Studio Recording mode: Stereo SPAR Code: n/a Album notes The Who: Pete Townshend (vocals, guitar, keyboards); John Entwistle (vocals, bass, horns); Roger Daltrey (vocals); Keith Moon (drums, percussion, vocals). Additional personnel: John Curle (spoken vocals); Chris Stainton (piano). Recorded at The Kitchen, Battersea, England. Includes a 56-page booklet. By the early 1970s, rock & roll had been around long enough to begin to examine its own past. In the States, this resulted in Sha Na Na, but in Great Britain, where the popular culture of the young was more complex and coded, the Who's QUADROPHENIA was the most powerful example of this nostalgic view. Reviews at the time focused primarily on the obscure psychological aspect of the story--supposedly, the four sides of the original double-album set are meant to examine the four sides of the main character's personality, each one represented by a different member of the Who. However, the most interesting aspect of QUADROPHENIA is its seamy but poetic depiction of London's early-'60s Mod subculture, from which the Who originally sprang. Set during the weekend of a climactic seaside gang fight between the Mods and their archenemies the Rockers, Townshend's story follows Jimmy, the archetypal Mod. The impressionistic songs tell an elliptical tale, but also function on their own as vintage '70s Who at their hard-rock height--the sneering "The Punk and the Godfather," the driving "5:15" and the anthemic, redemptive closer "Love, Reign O'er Me" are among Townshend's finest work. Editorial reviews 8 (out of 10) - ...it is only now that a fully remastered...full, double CD version has been released....Townshend's windmilling riffing arm has never been busier, John Entwistle remains the finest bass player breathing, and Keith Moon...is truly magnificent... New Musical Express (06/29/1996) 5 Stars - Indispensible - ...it abides as one of The Who's peaks because...its instant, push-button atmosphere is always lifted from the realms of ham by some heartfelt Daltrey shout'n'croon, a bit of comedy Moon...and the antemic elegance of the last two tracks... Q (08/01/1996)
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