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"Velvet Underground - 5 LPs in Colored Vinyl"

VELVET UNDERGROUND - 5 "Velvet Underground ALBUMS "- ALL in Colored Vinyl TITLES ARE - Yellow Vinyl/Velvet Underground & Nico Blue Vinyl/Velvet Underground White Vinyl/White Light-White Heat. Red Vinyl for The Loaded Lp GREEN VINYL - LIVE AT MAX'S KANSAS CITY Please Note: There have been so few vinyl LPs produced over the last 5 years that you should never pass up the opportunity to upgrade your collection. They're each very limited in their pressings and disappear with extraordinary quickness from the vinyl market. This causes prices to skyrocket because once they are gone, they are gone forever! Don't second-guess yourself with this chance to upgrade your collection because before you know it, the opportunity will have passed forever. For individual listings of all thes Velvet Underground Coled Vinyl LPs go on Mymusicfix E-Bay Stores tab on this titles home page. VELVET UNDERGROUND & NICO- Rare Limited Edition Out of Print Yellow Vinyl Rare Gatefold LP. Produced by Andy Warhol in 1967, this is the Velvet's Underground first recording and remains one of the most important in influential Albums of all time. This recording has recently been rated the 19th Best Album of All-Time. If you are a collector and want a Top 20 in Rock n Roll's History, this recording is an absolute must! VELVET UNDERGROUND - WHITE LIGHT/WHITE HEAT - Collector's Limited Edition High Quality Colored White Vinyl LP. Nothing in their debut could really have prepared fans for the sonic assault the Velvets unleashed in White Light/White Heat. Freed from Andy Warhol's patronage (and Nico's vocals), Lou Reed and company strip production values to a minimum and turn out a primitive rock & roll masterpiece: everything on this record sounds distorted and abrasive. Depending on how you feel about these sorts of things, this makes it either their best or their worst record. Of course, underneath it all are some of Reed's greatest songs, from the title track to the wistful "Here She Comes Now." It all culminates on side 2 with the raucously joyous "I Heard Her Call My Name" ("And then my mind split open," Reed sings, and his guitar lets you know just about how that would feel) and the epic "Sister Ray"--10 minutes of transcendent, pounding fuzz as Reed searches for his "mainline." -- Tracks Include: White Light/White Heat 2. Gift 3. Lady Godiva's Operation 4. Here She Comes Now 5. I Heard Her Call My Name 6. Sister Ray THE VELVET UNDERGROUND - - Collector's Limited Edition High Quality Colored Blue Vinyl LP. Released in 1969 to an almost total lack of critical acclaim or consumer interest, the Velvet Underground's third album may well be the finest record of the band's career. Without the sonic terrorism of The Velvet Underground & Nico and White Light/White Heat or the ill-conceived commercial concessions that marred Loaded, the album's songs are free to stand on their own merit. And stand they do: "What Goes On" and "Beginning to See the Light" may be the finest flat-out rockers in the band's catalog, while "Pale Blue Eyes," "Jesus," and "Candy Says" are some of the most delicately gorgeous songs Lou Reed has ever penned. There's no evidence here of any of the psychedelic effects and hippie sloganeering that marked most late-1960s rock releases, which is probably why the record still holds up today. Tracks include: Candy Says . What Goes On 3. Some Kinda Love 4. Pale Blue Eyes 5. Jesus 6. Beginning to See the Light 7. I'm Set Free 8. That's the Story of My Life 9. Murder Mystery 10. After Hours THE VELVET UNDERGROUND - "Loaded" - Red Vinyl LP. While John Cale certainly gave the first couple of Velvet Underground albums a signature sound, his departure enabled Lou Reed to do exactly what he does best: write kick-ass, stripped-down rock songs. On LOADED his talent comes to full fruition. Who can imagine a world without "Sweet Jane" and "Rock & Roll," arguably two of the greatest rock tunes ever penned? The brilliance of those songs is so bright, it's easy to overlook a couple of other Reed masterpieces: the tender, epic discourse of "New Age" and the extended sweet blues romp of "Oh! Sweet Nuthin'." On LOADED the Velvet Underground--who before had hit the sonic ceiling experimenting with shattered chords, feedback, screeching violas, and what Reed once claimed was "the fastest guitar playing ever -- avoid the dark side of noise for clarity. Check out the ringing chime that begins "Who Loves the Sun" and the ) guitar riff that drives "Rock & Roll." This is not to say that the old ragged punch of the original Velvets is completely gone. Moe Tucker still beats a mean drum; there's no stopping Sterling Morrison's train-wreck rhythm guitar on "Train Round the Bend"; and "Head Held High" achieves near-"Sister Ray" moments of madness" LIVE AT MAX'S KANSAS CITY - This LP features a slew of Velvets classics - "I'm Waiting for the Man", "Sunday Morning", "I'll Be Your Mirror", "Femme Fatale", "Sweet Jane" and "New Age" - interspersed with an unusually chatty and upbeat Lou Reed providing between song banter and occasional explanations of various songs' origins. For a brief, shining moment Lou Reed was at the top of his game as a songwriter and performer, and the Velvet Underground seemed poised for the elusive commercial breakthrough it never achieved. Serious fans will have no trouble looking past the sonic limitations of this recording to savor the historical importance of a great band captured at a point when its flame was arguably burning most brightly. The casual listener may be surprised to find that the performance and material more than compensate for the raw sound quality.
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