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"Yes, Relayer Box Set - 8 Titles - Japanese OBI Mini Replica LPs in a CD" - Product Image
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"Yes, Relayer Box Set - 8 Titles - Japanese OBI Mini Replica LPs in a CD"

YES - RELAYER JAPAN BOX SET - WITH Japanese OBI MINI REPLICA LP TITLES making a 9 SHMCD Box Set WITH 8 TITLES - THESE AUDIOPHILE CD'S HAVE A TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF BONUS TRACKS - THIS IS A ONE TIME ONLY OFFERING. SOME OF THESE TITLES WITHIN THIS BOX SELL FOR $329.99 INDIVIDUALLY. THAT'S HOW RARE THIS SET IS IN THE COLLECTOR'S MARKET. THE AUDIOPHILE MASTERING - Japanese SHM paper sleeve pressing. The SHM-CD [Super High Material CD] format features enhanced audio quality through the use of a special polycarbonate plastic. Using a process developed by JVC and Universal Music Japan discovered through the joint companies' research into LCD display manufacturing* SHM-CDs feature improved transparency on the data side of the disc* allowing for more accurate reading of CD data by the CD player laser head. SHM-CD format CDs are fully compatible with standard CD players Japanese OBI MINI REPLICA BOX SET WHAT IS A JAPAN "MINI-LP-SLEEVE" CD? Have you ever lamented the loss of one of the 20th Century's great art forms, the 12" vinyl LP jacket? Then "mini-LP-sleeve" CD's may be for you. Mini-sleeve CDs are manufactured in Japan under license. The disc is packaged inside a 135MM X 135MM cardboard precision-miniature replica of the original classic vinyl-LP album. Also, anything contained in the original LP, such as gatefolds, booklets, lyric sheets, posters, printed LP sleeves, stickers, embosses, special LP cover paper/inks/textures and/or die cuts, are precisely replicated and included. An English-language lyric sheet is always included, even if the original LP did not have printed lyrics. Then, there's the sonic quality: Mini-sleeves have dedicated remastering (20-Bit, 24-Bit, DSD, K2/K2HD, and/or HDCD), and can often be superior to the audio on the same title anywhere else in the world. There also may be bonus tracks unavailable elsewhere. Each Japan mini-sleeve has an "obi" ("oh-bee"), a removable Japan-language promotional strip. The obi lists the Japan street date of that particular release, the catalog number, the mastering info, and often the original album's release date. Bonus tracks are only listed on the obi, maintaining the integrity of the original LP artwork. The obi's are collectable, and should not be discarded. All mini-sleeve releases are tremendously limited editions mainly pressed on future orders only and once released immediately out of print. This fact along with other latter features we've mentioned make these titles rare collectibles that sell in the collectors markets for $100's of dollars apiece. Japanese digitally re-mastered Mini LP replica Limited Edition Collection with OBI sash down the front - only 2,000 Collector pieces made world-wide and are immediately Out of Print. Recorded from the finest Original Masters available. Comes with anti-static sleeves similar to Vinyl LPs, Cardboard packaging like an LP. Actual miniaturized version of the 12" LP in 4" CD version. Archetypal prog-rockers Yes formed in London in the late 60s. They gained vast popularity in the 1970s and have managed to keep a faithful following long after the prog movement lost its force. Credit for their long-standing relevance lies with the distinctive vocals and lyrics of frontman Jon Anderson and the musicianship of the band's many members who have come and gone over the life of the group. Yes wore their prog credentials on their flared sleeves, with long track-times and multiple changes in chord and tempo. Their songs embraced futurism and utopia, and their live appearances involved complex light shows for the total prog experience, while their recorded works featured the intricate artwork of fantasy art favourite Roger Dean. The band originally performed prog cover versions, with their self-titled debut album in 1969 featuring versions of tracks by The Byrds and The Beatles. They began to write their own material, taking on influences from classical to jazz. The results were a stream of gold and platinum-selling albums throughout the 70s, with Fragile and Close to the Edge considered fan favourites. Personality clashes are a feature among groups of people in prolonged close contact, and Yes were no different. After a brief spilt in 1980, during which Rick Wakeman and Jon Anderson left the band, a new line-up released Drama. The album made the Top 5 in the UK, despite the absence of Anderson's lead vocals. Another split followed the album, this time for longer. The new band emerged two years later, with a new sound. Producer Trevor Horn brought a synth-rock sound to 1983's 90125. The album gave the band their biggest chart success with "Owner of a Lonely Heart", which topped the Rock and the Hot 100 charts in the US. The band broke up again after 90125, and the 80s were marked by disputes between former member about rights to the name Yes, and the bands back catalogue. By the late 80s there was Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman and Howe in one corner and Yes, with Squire, White and Kaye in the other. The boys made up and the resulting love-child, Union, though not as commercially successful as previous efforts, did provide the single "Lift Me Up", which spent over a month at the top of the Album Rock Tracks chart. Since then members have still come and gone, though the albums have not sold as well as their commercial peak. In 2004 the group were officially resting, though as 2008 marked their 40th anniversary, a world tour was planned -- unfortunately illness forced a cancellation of the much anticipated concerts and fans will have to wait to see what they do next. Special VERY RARE LIMITED EDITION BOX SET ONLY PRODUCED ON FUTURES FOR THIS ONE TIME PRESSING -- were only available in Japan. RELAYER BOX SET CONTAINS THESE TITLES - 8 TITLES WITH 9 CD SIDES - WITH A LOT OF BONUS TRACKS BIG GENERATOR - WITH 5 BONUS TRACKS 1. Rhythm of Love 2. Big Generator 3. Shoot High Aim Low 4. Almost Like Love 5. Love Will Find a Way 6. Final Eyes 7. I'm Running 8. Holy Lamb (Song for Harmonic Convergence) 9. Love Will Find a Way [Edited Version][*][Mix] 10. Love Will Find a Way [Extended Version][*][Mix] 11. Rhythm of Love [Dance to the Rhythm Mix][*] 12. Rhythm of Love [Move to the Rhythm Mix][*] 13. Rhythm of Love [the Rhythm of Dub] [Remix] 90125 - HAS 6 BONUS TRACKS NOT LISTED HERE - Delight in the perfect welcome to the mid-80s with Yes' biggest album to date, 90125. Featuring "Owner Of A Lonely Heart," "Leave It" and "Cinema," plus the return of Tony Kaye at the keys. Original graphics, half-speed mastered from the original ATCO vault tapes at Friday Music Studios by Joe Reagoso (Yes, Deep Purple) and at Capitol Records with Ron McMaster. Owner of a Lonely Heart Hold On It Can Happen Changes Cinema Leave It Our Song City of Love Hearts 09125 LIVE - HAS TWO BONUS TRACKS NOT LISTED 1. Hold On 2. Si 3. Solly's Beard 4. Soon 5. Changes 6. Amazing Grace [Instrumental] 7. Whitefish - Japanese pressing of their 1985 live mini-album featuring the line-up of Tony Kaye, Trevor Rabin, Jon Anderson, Alan White and Chris Squire. Seven tracks, including concert renditions of 'Hold On', 'Changes' and their interpretation of 'Amazing Grace'. Three of the tracks were recorded in Dortmund, Germany in 1984; the rest were recorded at Northlands Coliseum in Edmonton, Canada in 1984. YESSHOWS - 2 CD SET ADDITIONAL BONUS TRACKS ON THIS SHMCD - This is Yes' second live album, and focuses on songs from the three studio albums preceding it. All the tracks here are played beautifully and powerfully; the versions of "Time and a Word", "Gates of Delerium", and "Ritual" are especially brilliant. What I like about Yes in a live context is how they can make a subtle change in a song (like the organ solo on "Parallels" being given to the synthesizer instead) and that change gives the song a completely new flavor. The same effect is achieved in "Ritual" when they move the bass into a more prominent role for the solo. I'd like to comment on that bass solo - I think it's the best live bass solo I've heard. The way Squire plays at an unusual range (most of this solo is played in the same range as a guitar's low E string) has always fascinated me. Another thing about this solo is how the rest of the band just lets go and lets Squire take over - in particular listen to Moraz: he's just tinkling along, playing the same triplet pattern. Listen closely to "Gates" and you'll hear some apalling mistakes made by Howe - in the beginning of the song he enters too slowly, throwing everyone off track for a moment, and at 13:45 he starts his solo in the wrong octave, and has to add half a measure and cram some notes together to get back on track. But in spite of these errors, the group remains solid, and ends up playing "Gates" better than they did in the studio. Anderson's voice on this track is at its harshest, and in perfect form (as usual). - Disc: 1 1. Parallels 2. Time and a Word 3. Going for the One 4. The Gates of Delirium DISC 2 Tracks include: 1. Don't Kill the Whale 2. Ritual (Nous Sommes du Soleil), Pt. 1-2 3. Wondrous Stories 4. I've Seen All Good People [*] 5. Roundabout [*] DRAMA The "Drama" album will always be somewhat of an oddity in the Yes catalogue, for no other reason that it is the only album in Yes' 35 years that does not feature leadsinger Jon Anderson. If, however, you can get beyond this, you will discover that "Drama", much like its predecessor "Tormato" is actually a lot better than belies its reputation. The "Expanded and Remastered" version of Drama (16 tracks; 79 min.) starts of with the original 6 tracks of the album. Among the best tracks: "Machine Massiah" is a return to the 10 min. epic tracks of earlier in their career, albeit with the guitars much more upfront. "Into the Lens" is an 8. min. romper (and later was redone as "I Am a Camera" by the Buggles). "Run Through the Light", a minor hit, is a super-catchy power-ballad. The bonus tracks go from the unnecessary (single versions of "Into the Lens" and "Run Through the Light") to the mildy interesting (instrumentals "Have We Really Got to Go Trough With This" and "Song No.4 (Satellite)", to the fascinating last 4 tracks. Those tracks are from the Roy Thomas Baker (famed for producing Queen era-"Bohemian Rhapsody") sessions with Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman from the Fall of 1979 that eventually were abandoned. It gives a nice insight to what might have been the "logical" successor to "Tormato", but assuming that these tracks in fact were the best from those sessions, it's easy to see why the band didn't pursue them. "Golden Age" is the standout song of the four. In all, I cannot give enough compliments to Rhino, which has done an absolute outstanding job not only with the "Drama" reissue, but with the reissue of the Yes catalogue in general. Lines notes, remastering, bonus tracks, it's all here. Even if "Drama" isn't on your top wish list of Yes albums, you'll nevertheless enjoy this particular reissue.- 1. Machine Messiah 2. White Car 3. Does It Really Happen? 4. Into the Lens 5. Run Through the Light 6. Tempus Fugit 7. Into the Lens (I Am a Camera) [Single Version] [*][Version] 8. Run Through the Light [Single Version] [*][Version] 9. Have We Really Got to Go Through This [#][*] 10. Song No. 4 [Satellite] [#][*][Version] 11. Tempus Fugi [Tracking Session] [#][*][Version] 12. White Car [Tracking Session] [#][*][Version] 13. Dancing Through the Light [*] 14. Golden Age [*] 15. In the Tower [*] 16. Friend of a Friend [*] TORMATO - Yes singer Jon Anderson has a voice so high it makes Minnie Mouse seem the epitome of machismo and the band's fascination with pompous and dull intergalactic fantasy make it a prime target for Saturday Night Live parody. But there's no arguing with the players' proficiency. Bassist Chris Squire, guitarist Steve Howe, keyboardist Rick Wakeman, and drummer Alan White are all tops in their game. Tormato is far from the best Yes album, but the indisputable power of "Release, Release" where the band goofingly state "Rock is the medium of our generation" is worth the price of admission alone. Besides, just figuring out what exactly they mean with song titles such as "Arriving UFO" and "Don't Kill the Whale" is probably almost as cool as staring at the Hipgnosis designed cover. A period piece without question Track Listings - Track Listings 1. * 2. Don't Kill The Whale 3. Madrigal 4. Release. Release 5. Arriving UFO 6. circus Of Heaven 7. Onward 8. On The Silent Wings Of Freedom 9. Abilene 10. Money 11. Picasso 12. Some Are Born 13. You Can Be Saved 14. High 15. Days (Demo) 16. Countryside 17. Everybody's Song GOING FOR THE ONE - THIS PRESSING HAS 12 TRACKS ALOT OF BONUS MATERIAL - Yes released this magnificent, often overlooked gem in 1977: a time when art rock was being scoffed at as pretentious and overblown. Punk had surged forth, and Johnny Rotten & Co. had a field day ripping Yes, Pink Floyd, Queen and others. It would appear during that time (at least during the making of this album), the members of Yes didn't give a darn about the trends of the day, as their usual cosmic, soaring, mystical aesthetic pervades the album in a big way (which is a good thing.) The music on here is splendid - soaring, lush, illuminating -- an orgasm for the soul. Jon Anderson's vocals soar high, Steve Howe's guitar playing stuns as usual, and is very fluid, Chris Squire's (and Steve's) backing, majestic vocals blend magnificently with Jon's (and not to mention the man's bass playing), Rick Wakeman (who makes his return with Yes for the first time since 1973's _Tales From Topographic Oceans_) supplies his virtuosic, classically-oriented flourishes not just through synthesizers, but also a church organ, and other types of keyboards. Alan White is possibly one of the most underacknowledged drummers out there. His drumming skills possibly go largely unnoticed due to the overpowering cosmic front brought on by the other members of the band. With this powerfully compelling, lush exterior Yes possesses, how could one possibly be fully aware of subtle nuances that are arguably beneath the surface? While many of us are being lifted higher to some heavenly place, it is all too common to miss the technical brilliance that is going on. Alan's drumming is the perfect example for this. While all of the cosmic stuff is knocking us sideways, Alan is in the background doing all sorts of creative and impressive things on the kit: his sense of time, the creative use (and placement) of the cymbals and snare hits during a certain meter, and other subtle things should not be taken lightly. This is just one of the many, many, many reasons why I think Yes are special: they possess technical brilliance, but they have something else as well -- something that's arguably even more powerful and intangible than their technical abilities. The title track, while cosmic and grand, is quite raucous, mostly due to the steel guitar musings from Steve Howe. It can be grating at times, but it also helps to give the track a harder edge. The rhythmical quality of the vocals during the bridge (repeated once more before the ending) is quite creative and seductive. This, and more, help to lead up to the orgasmic, goosebump-inducing climax of the song, which feature choral effects from the vocal harmonies. "Turn of The Century" is a smooth, mystical, ballad with a new age aesthetic. The lyrics on here are touching, and the soundscapes are ethereal and image-inducing as ever. Jon's vocals are outstanding as always. Sonic textures mostly brought on by Steve's musings during the middle of the track give way to the ethereal, majestic climax near the end of the song. "Parallels" is written by Chris Squire, and is grand and soaring as ever. Rick's use of the church organ here certainly adds more of a mystical, spiritual and regal quality to the track. This track, while cosmic on the outside, is quite busy underneath it all. Check out the time changes, the multiple vocal layers, and the instrumentation that is going on all at once -- Rick's keyboard lines, Steve's guitar lines, Chris' basslines, and Alan's drumming. "Wonderous Stories" is much like "Turn of The Century" -- a ballad with a mystical, new age aesthetic. Jon's vocals, as always, are precious and moving. Steve's guitar lines here are quite melodic, and what's impressive are how well they blend in with the rest of the instrumentation. "Awaken" is classic. Like the rest of the album -- but more specifically, here -- it is almost impossible to put into account the effect it has on me. It's the 15-minute closer of the album, and boy, is it ever so good. Grand, lush, soaring, illuminating -- this track soars, and it shines as bright as the sun. The massive bed of sound just smothers your senses, and does not let go. Yes even got a church choir to add their voices in certain parts of the track. It is the most goosebump-inducing song on the album, and is also my favorite Yes song. There is quite a bit of stuff going on here -- the vocal harmonies are penetrating, the basslines tasteful, Steve's solos orgasmic. On a different listening session, when you're not being seduced by the powerful cosmic aura of this music -- or when you're trying your hardest not to be -- pay attention to the technical stuff going on in these songs. In this track, one of the many things I'd like to talk about is Alan's drumming: pay special attention to what Alan is doing on the drum kit, especially during the "suns high streams thru," "strong dreams reign here," and "star, song, age, less" sections of the track. It's quite nifty. This is an excellent album from Yes. Highly recommended -- that is, if you are a Yes fan, own (and love) all of their studio albums, particularly from the 1971-1974 period, but do not own this. Don't pass it by. Track Listings 1. Going for the One 2. Turn of the Century 3. Parallels 4. Wonderous Stories 5. Awaken RELAYER - HAS 3 BONUS TRACKS NOT LISTED Buy it... yesterday! (today it's too late). Maybe there are 15 seconds of doubtful melody sung "a capella" near the end of the album. The rest is excellent in each note of every instrument. This is a formal clon of Close to The Edge. Anderson, Howe and Squire are at their best ever. Allan White's job is perfect, as he'd feeling genuine part of the band surpassing the Tales test of substituing Bruford. Rick Wakeman was replaced by Patrick Moraz that reaches the best performance of his life, with a perfect domain over new synth timbres that revitalizes the band. The general sound quality of this album is also incredible. The Gates of Dellirium is the story (both words and music) of a tribe pushed to deffensive battle, which they finally win saving their lives and consolidating their collective values. There are three moments through the piece: normal life, war and final hopeful peace. To be Over is the calm one (remember And You & I), melting the Howe's usual effects and glide with the smooth but rich synths introduced by Moraz. Sound Chaser recovers the nerve but under a much more free form that Siberian Kathru, and the solo electric piano of the opening and the synth in the end are real masterpieces. At this point Yes begins his decadence, surely because of the reappearance of crude simple rock brought by punk, new wave, raggae and those trends that The Police will unify with great talent. I presume if you're reading this is because you love progressive music and not Michael Jackson or Christina Aguilera. Exception made of Turn of the Century, Awaken, Future Times-Rejoice and Release-Release (and with some extra indulgence also Wonderous Stories, Madrigal and ABHW) the group would never get too high. Tracks include: 1.The Gates Of Delirium 2. Sound Chaser 3. To Be Over These are Japanese digitally re-mastered Mini LP replica CDs (the OBI Edition). This Limited Edition Collection has only VERY FEW made world-wide and are immediately Out of Print. Recorded from the finest Original Masters available. Comes with anti-static sleeves similar to Vinyl LPs, Cardboard packaging like an LP. Actual miniaturized version of the 12inch LP in 4inch CD version. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- International Buyers - Please Note: Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost. These charges are the buyer's responsibility. Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to bidding or buying. Note: It's illegal to falsify customs declarations or mark an item as a "gift" in order to avoid customs fees INTERNATIONAL BUYERS NEED TO BE AWARE OF THE CUSTOM'S TAXES IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY AND KNOW THEY (AS THE BUYER) ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CUSTOMS TAXES. OUT OF PRINT PRODUCT is IRREPLACEABLE and therefore NOT RETURNABLE. International Buyers are responsible for their country's Customs Fees.
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