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"Yes, Relayer - Japanese Mini LP Replica in a CD" - Product Image
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"Yes, Relayer - Japanese Mini LP Replica in a CD"

Japanese CD - mini Replica of LP YES > RELAYER > HDCD Hybrid OBI REPLICA LP IN A CD. LAST COPY FOREVER. - MYMUSICFIX HAS CHECKED ALL AUDIOPHILE SITES AND OUR PRICE ON THIS ITEM IS THE LOWEST PRICE WE'VE FOUND OF THIS RARE JAPAN OBI REPLICA MASTERPIECE. IN FACT THE FEW SITES HAVE THIS TITLE REMAINING ARE ALMOST TWICE THE PRICE WE HAVE HERE. THAT'S HOW RARE AND COLLECTIBLE THIS TITLE IS IN THIS RARE PRESSINGS. THIS IS A ONE TIME OFFER. DON'T MISS OUT. This is a Japanese 24-bit re-mastered Mini LP replica Limited Edition Collection > only 2,000 Collector pieces made world-wide and are immediately Out of Print. Recorded from the finest Original Masters available. Comes with anti-static sleeves similar to Vinyl LPs, Cardboard packaging like an LP, re-sealable plastic wrap cases for protection of the collectible Actual miniaturized version of the 12 inch LP in 4 inch CD version. It's the ability to make music that journeys so far that is most remarkable about Yes. This music is not rock, but beautifully dynamic experiments in sound with the crisp, clean, articulate results of true vision. You can have this music in the background & ride on the energy or you can listen so intensely to all the things it does, all the complexely textured nuances & all the changes. Buy it... yesterday! (today it's too late). Maybe there are 15 seconds of doubtful melody sung "a capella" near the end of the album. The rest is excellent in each note of every instrument. This is a formal clon of Close to The Edge. Anderson, Howe and Squire are at their best ever. Allan White's job is perfect, as he'd feeling genuine part of the band surpassing the Tales test of substituing Bruford. Rick Wakeman was replaced by Patrick Moraz that reaches the best performance of his life, with a perfect domain over new synth timbres that revitalizes the band. The general sound quality of this album is also incredible. The Gates of Dellirium is the story (both words and music) of a tribe pushed to deffensive battle, which they finally win saving their lives and consolidating their collective values. There are three moments through the piece: normal life, war and final hopeful peace. To be Over is the calm one (remember And You & I), melting the Howe's usual effects and glide with the smooth but rich synths introduced by Moraz. Sound Chaser recovers the nerve but under a much more free form that Siberian Kathru, and the solo electric piano of the opening and the synth in the end are real masterpieces. At this point Yes begins his decadence, surely because of the reappearance of crude simple rock brought by punk, new wave, raggae and those trends that The Police will unify with great talent. I presume if you're reading this is because you love progressive music and not Michael Jackson or Christina Aguilera. Exception made of Turn of the Century, Awaken, Future Times-Rejoice and Release-Release (and with some extra indulgence also Wonderous Stories, Madrigal and ABHW) the group would never get too high. Tracks include: 1.The Gates Of Delirium 2. Sound Chaser 3. To Be Over
SKU Number: JMSCD AMCY2738
Price: $239.99